We have strong interests in
Community Involvement and Community Development.
Check out the following links:

The National Civility Center - Helping YOU build High Quality Connections; the foundation for a systematic "Framework for Change."

FAFSOM - The Mission of FAFSOM is to MENTOR families and friends of Military Personnel by SHARING OUR EXPERIENCES and CONNECTING those families and friends to available RESOURCES. To assist us in this mission we will create greater COMMUNITY AWARENESS.

If you have a WebSite promoting Furniture Plans, Woodturning Lathe Projects, Woodworking Plans, Craft Plans, Plastic Pipe Plans, or anything related to these interests, we want to support your efforts and trade links with you. Please Contact Us right away. Below are links of interest to our specific craft:


Fittings Fittings Fittings
Fittings Fittings Fittings Fittings


ManuelMarino.com - Music Composer, Producer Visionary Sound Guru, Technologist, Terrific Networker, all for Music, Arts, People, Ideas.

MarinoSounds.com - a project studio well known for its great sounds, brilliant melodic ideas, professional work and reasonable rates.

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Platform Bed Furniture Plans
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