The Tools You Need:

The perfect workshop for working with plans from ePlanSets,com can be fairly simple. Many projects will require some wood and some woodworking skills and furniture building skills as a part of the design. The tools listed here are primarily needed for working with Plastic Pipe and Plastic Fittings. For instance, you will need traditional woodworking tools to make a flat table top. If you use power tools in your woodworking shop, be very careful. Plastic does not cut nor machine anything like wood. Most woodworking saw blades, drill bits, and cutting tools are aggressive on Plastic, and will grab the Plastic – possibly pulling you into harm’s way. Saw blades with very fine teeth work best for cutting Plastic.

For every project you will need these basic tools:

Safety Equipment Safety Goggles Particle Dust Face Mask

Safety Goggles - protect your eyes

Particle & Dust Face Mask
- do not breathe in PVC or ABS Plastic dust

Measuring and Marking Tools
Measuring & Marking Tools
Miter Box & Hand Saw
Large Miter Box with Hand Saw
- 4 inch diameter Plastic Pipe actually measures 4-1/2 inches outside diameter.
Soft Face Mallet
Soft Face Mallet
- Your primary assembly tool.
Hand Files
Hand Files & Rasp
- flat & round assortment
Paints and finishing materials to meet your needs.

The following tools are optional depending on the project:

Basic Wood Working - Wood Turning Lathe with a Headstock Chuck
Basic Woodworking - Woodturning Lathe - with drive end chuck, live center tailstock & basic Woodturning Tools

The tools listed below will help you work faster and more accurately:

Small Wood Router with Pilot Bearing Roundover Bit
Wood Router
- The 1/4 inch shaft - high speed finish or trim router is best for Plastic - with an assortment of pilot bearing roundover bits
Small Belt Sander
Small Belt Sander
- very handy to have
Palm Sander
Palm Size Sander
- 1/4 sheet size is best
Electric Drill
Electric Drill
- for some projects you will use hole saws
Large Disc Sander
Large Disc Sander
- This can be helpful at times

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